Get up early 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of yogurt before going to bed can live longer

Get up early 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of yogurt before going to bed can live longer

Born in January 1899, Li Suqing is the oldest birthday star in Shanghai.

This “super old man” who has crossed the three centuries, in addition to some back with a camel, looks very good.

Last year’s medical examination, the doctor said that her heart is as good as the young man, and after the age of 100, the old man has grown up to admit.

  In life, the old man is cheerful, always laughing haha, sometimes occasionally encounters unhappy things, and soon she forgets, sings and sings, talks about jingles, the neighbor said she is like an old urchin.

The old man likes to go to June 1 and watch children’s programs.

There are also a variety of plush toys on the bed.

On the top of the bed is a picture of her embroidered at the age of 100. Some stitching and stitching work has always been the favorite of the elderly.

  The curiosity of the old man is very heavy, and the freshness is not less than that of young people.

Tian Yulan, a 64-year-old daughter, said with a smile: “Mom likes to go outside, and the various activities organized by the neighborhood committee, she is also happy.

The old man said that her longevity was attributed to her daughter’s careful care.

The daughter usually treats the old man as a “little daughter” and is a filial daughter who is famous in the community.

The old man loves to be especially clean. Every day, Tian Yulan wipes his mother and cares like a baby.

The life of the elderly is very regular: get up at 7 in the morning and sleep at 9 in the evening.

After getting up, I will turn my hands and feet in the house, and I will have breakfast before the event. I will watch TV and chat before going to bed.

Old people are not picky eaters, like fish, shrimp, crabs, vegetables and fruits, but also love to eat sweet, but do not eat spicy, do not drink.

Her three meals are very rich in protein, breakfast milk cereal or walnut powder, porridge will also add some meat.

The old man drinks a bottle of milk every day and adds a cup of yogurt before going to bed.

Because of the supplement of calcium, even if the old man Li Suqing fell for a few seconds, he never broke.