Banana diet makes you easy to lose weight

Banana diet makes you easy to lose weight

Bananas are quite effective for weight loss because they are not highly converted and replace pigment fibers.

A banana (about 100 grams net weight) has only 87 calories, and a bowl of white rice (3 two white rice 220 cards), the banana calories are arranged lower, and the residual fiber in the banana can stimulate the stomach.Creeping.

The banana is digested, absorbed well, and can sustain energy.

Whether it’s breakfast or a fruit before exercise, bananas are a good choice for people who are losing weight.

Because of this, bananas have become the best choice for the stars to lose weight. Banana seems to have always been the magic weapon for Li Yan to lose weight.

  As early as in her “HipHopTonight” MV, she showed off her proud little waist. In order to make the 24 inch waist look thinner in front of the camera, the abdominal muscles look more perfect. She made two days from the day before the start of the shooting.Hundreds of supine seats, on the day of shooting, even more taboo, only ate two bananas with boiled water.

  The requirements of the big S’s external type are almost neurotic. This is seen in her book “Beauty King”. The big S is for “pregnant rumors” and actually only eats a banana every day for 3 weeks.

Finally lost 3 kg.

  Obese actress Fukada Kyoko experienced the banana diet, losing seven kilograms in a month and a half. This diet immediately caused a sensation, causing bananas to be sold out of stock in Japan.

  Liang Jingru, who has a long baby face, is not very tall and does not look slim.

In order to lose weight, she has a special private diet meal.

The most important thing is to use banana honey milk as a breakfast meal.

Liang Jingru said that the star is generally tight and often sleeps or stays tired one night before staying up late. This breakfast can not only replenish physical strength but also help drain the gastrointestinal tract.

If you can, soy milk is low, and it will have a better effect instead of milk.

  What is the effective way to lose weight in bananas?

  First: Bananas are not limited to the number of bananas for breakfast. The days when you don’t want to eat bananas can be replaced by other fruits, one at a time.

Before you want to eat other things, eat bananas at intervals of 15?
Eat other foods in 20 minutes.

  Although bananas are rich in nutrients, the relative in vitro is not low. A banana accumulates about 80?
100 cards, the conversion of nearly half bowl of rice, pay attention to the accumulation of total conversion.

  Second: eat bananas for breakfast to drink normal temperature boiled water, not limited to the amount of drink, you can drink.

  Except for boiled water, it can increase satiety. The reason why bananas can be used to lose weight is that bananas are rich in synthetic fibers and pectin, which can promote bowel movements.

  Third: Dinner should be eaten before 6 o’clock, do not eat after 8 o’clock, in addition, quit the habit of eating dessert after dinner.

  Banana diet can play a role, in addition to the banana itself, the change in lifestyle should be a considerable hero, do not eat after 8 o’clock, do not eat up late can avoid eating by sleeping, so can not be consumed into a small accumulation.

  Fourth: going to bed at 12 o’clock in the evening will cause a decrease in the metabolic rate, which is also the reason for getting fat and losing weight.

  Banana weight loss tips: 1, banana fast weight loss method is only suitable for short-term weight loss, easy to rebound those bananas on behalf of the diet is only suitable for people who need to quickly lose weight in the short term, such as emergency attendance, class reunion, etc., not suitable for long-termget on.

If you only rely on bananas for a long time and your body lacks nutrients such as protein and minerals, your body will give you a dangerous warning.

And the short-term rapid weight-loss effect can not be maintained, and once the diet is restored, it is likely to rebound.

  2, bananas will eat more fat if you only eat one or two a day, the problem is not big.

And eating more will definitely get fat, a white-collar worker in the office, the calorie needed for a day is about 1300kcal, then, if she eats 9 bananas a day, she eats 3 bananas per meal, which is more than what she needs for a day.The content is gone.

If she doesn’t do much exercise to consume it, it will definitely be fat.

  3, long-term fasting to eat bananas harmful to health long-term fasting consumption of bananas, not only poor secretion of gastric acid, and even due to excessive intake of nutrients alone cause anemia.

For people with chronic chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency, this method of weight loss is even more taboo.

Because bananas contain high levels of potassium, if consumed too much, it will increase the burden of kidney function, delay the improvement of the condition, and may cause the disease to deteriorate.

In addition, bananas are rich in starch and sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients should also pay attention to the amount of supplementation, so as to prevent diabetes from causing diseases.

  4, breakfast to lose weight, lunch, dinner as usual, not to take breakfast, only eat a few bananas and boiled water, the absorption of nutrition is not balanced.

Dietitians recommend that breakfast intake should account for 30% of the day.

Because, after dinner from the previous day, until the next morning, after so long, the body should be supplemented with adequate and balanced nutrition to keep the activity throughout the morning.
Therefore, breakfast should contain carbohydrates, high-quality protein, rich fiber and other nutrients, and the best kind, do not eat a large amount of the same food.

Long-term consumption of bananas and boiled water will lead to imbalance of nutrition. Secondly, it will lead to poor stomach and distortion, so that it is difficult to absorb good nutrition after eating more food in the future.
  5, banana cold and wet weight, spleen and stomach deficient cold should not eat more, but if you eat five or six roots a day, people who may have too much spleen and stomach or digestive dysfunction can not stand.

  Losing weight is a gradual process, so advise MM to lose weight, to lose weight safely, not to lose.