Intoxicated in Europe, crossing the Norwegian Lingshan Xiushui

Intoxicated in Europe, crossing the Norwegian Lingshan Xiushui

In Norway, on the northern tip of the European continent, the twists and turns of the inland bay-fjord, as well as the big towns on which the pearls are replaced, enter the most beautiful season of the year.It is not an exaggeration for Geography Magazine to revise the best-preserved world’s best destinations.

Pure air and beautiful scenery, beyond the fascinating visitors from afar.

Traveling to the fjord, whether it’s an airplane, a train, a bus or a cruise ship, can take you to your favorite destination, and each kind of alignment is itself an infinite experience that you can’t miss.

The picturesque Norwegian town train carrying a scenic run from the Norwegian capital of Oslo by train to the historic city of Bergen to Fl?m is a journey worth remembering for a lifetime.

The train winds around the mountains, sometimes the grass slopes stretch, the cattle and sheep walk; sometimes the green trees are green, the streams are flowing; sometimes the peaks and cliffs, the glaciers are blue; sometimes the wooden houses, the church bells, all of which are cut into a beautiful picture by the windowLandscape painting.

It may be that the tourists want to retain the beauty of the wish, the front of the car seat and the window can be moved to open a gap of 30 cm, enough to let the camera lens out of the window, so this place is convenient for everyone to take turns waiting for the treasure.

However, the most beautiful shots can’t express the shock of witnessing.

  The Oslo-Bergen baseline railway was built in 1909 at intervals of 489 km. 112 km is built above the snow line. The entire line has 184 tunnels. The red train carries tourists and also carries the dream of people 100 years ago.Turn to a charming site that is once again beautiful.

  At the Milda station where snow is everywhere, we transfer to the Fl?m Railway.

This railway is one of the steepest railway lines in the world. From the Myrdal Railway Station at 866 meters above sea level to the Fl?m Valley at an altitude of two meters, the 20-kilometer railway line takes one hour, during which 80% of the roads exceedWith a slope of 55%, the smallest turning part is only 130 meters, so that the upper and lower jumps are enough for someone to accelerate the heartbeat?

Don’t be nervous, the beauty along the way has long forgotten the fear.

The most famous waterfalls along the Fl?m Railway are waterfalls, some descending vertically from the top of the mountain, and some rushing out from the mountainside.

This section of the road is said to be the place where the tree spirits are infested. The elf is a beautiful woman who specializes in tempting men.

The train will stop for a few minutes in front of the Great Falls.

Let the tourists get off the bus and take a photo with the waterfall. Sometimes they will encounter the beautiful performances of the elves who are arranged by the local tourist bureau. However, we have no eyes, only when we go to the town of Fl?m to buy a fairy doll for the sake of thinking.

The Norwegian prayer peak bus has turned to 13 Bay. It is equally exciting to take a bus in the fjord.

The 13 sharp turn from Fromm to the Stalheimsfossem-skleiva mountain road in Voss, although not as thrilling, is relished because of the steep scenery.

You can take a bus from Fromm to Stegastein, where some long glass corridors are from the mountain lanes, and below are the calm blue sand fjords. The viewing platform is the ultimate.

Look at the fjord here, the two sides of the Qingshan Mountain hold a clear water, you will think of China’s Yangtze River Three Gorges, but the scent is different, the Three Gorges is the river, the waves are tumbling, and the fjord is flat.

Under the barrier of the mountains on both sides of the strait, even if the sea is roaring with high winds and waves, it will only be calm and calm.

  On the way back, the bus traversed a long tunnel, and the driver stopped at a neon flashing place. We thought it was another attraction, just to make drivers and tourists feel refreshed and relieve fatigue.

Lingshan Xiushui sat on the boat to drink the lucky water and really want to experience the charm of the fjord. The cruise ship can’t sit still.

  The Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in the world. The Naral Fjord is a tributary of the Sognefjord and the most slit fjord in the world. It can only be accessed through small cruise ships.Grazing on the shore, the seals basking on the rocks, but here is the United Nations-designated cultural heritage reserve.

Along the way, the captain passed through the boat and parked in front of the waterfall. A cup was provided for the tourists to pick up the water. It is said that there will be unexpected good luck when drinking, so everyone will vigorously fill the stomach and rise.

  The Geirangerfjord Bay is the most gentle, and the shore is surrounded by the scenery of Tahara. It is a more luxurious experience to insert the Huda Luther Cruise Ship to the Fjord.

You can eat and drink on the boat, there are large restaurants and cafes, sitting on the deck when the calm sea is in the sun, when the wind and waves are big, hiding in the cabin through the glass to see the scenery.

The most touching thing is that when the cruise ship arrived in the small town of Alesund, the small house that went along the way really had the embarrassment to enter the fairy tale.

This is the case with the paradise.

  The town along the way ■ Flam is hidden at the end of the Ayurland Fjord surrounded by three snow-capped mountains, because the Flam Railway is the most influential mountain railway in the world.

The town is famous for being the starting point of the Fl?m Railway.

The town has a population of less than 400, and 400,000 tourists come here every year.

  ■Worth Whether you are on a train or a car or a cruise ship, you will see your eyes in Voss, and believe that Norway has not been ranked first in the “United Nations” world’s most livable country for six consecutive years.

Arriving at Voss is noon, the sky is blue and blue, men and women, young and old kayaking enthusiasts gather here to train, I wait for the lazy, naturally choose a beautiful scenery of the castle hotel terrace, enjoy a cup of coffee to enjoy the scenery, see the sun in the water in the juvenileThe pleasure of driving a kayak.

  TIPS If you are nervous, it is recommended that some trips can be resolved by plane.

In Bergen, ?lesund and other small towns, there are SAS flights to Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Very convenient and fast.

Or you can buy a joint ticket when you buy a ticket in China, you can save too much money.