How to exercise thicker when the legs are too thin?

How to exercise thicker when the legs are too thin?

There are often people who are underdeveloped for their calf muscles, and the legs are too thin to affect the appearance and worry.

You don’t have to worry about it, as long as you keep exercising for the month, you will find that your calf muscles are much thicker and stronger.

The main muscles that affect the shape of the calf are the calf triceps behind the calf, including the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle.

When these muscles contract, they can make the toes straight (deformed), and they usually rely on this muscle when walking.

According to this muscle part and function, the exercises of the calf muscles can be: 1 hurriedly walk, and consciously pay attention to the effort when squatting.

2 In-situ weight-bearing or freehand lifting (lifting the heel) exercises; if you can use the palm of your hand to do the steps on the steps, so that the heel gradually falls a little, so that the lifting range is more, then the calfTriceps work better.

3 Stretch the toes with force, you can take the seat, standing or lying position.

For example, during work breaks, sit on the legs and stretch the tight calf muscles, stretch the toes, pause for a while, then repeat; or two legs to stretch the toes;Tighten the toes or stretch the toes for a car-like movement.

4 Straight leg straight jumps in rapid succession, alignment as far as possible, or only slightly flexed, so mainly rely on the contraction of the triceps of the calf to jump up, the exercise effect is good.

5 jump stool exercise, legs extended on both sides of the stool, and then both legs jumped on the stool at the same time, repeated practice, can effectively exercise the calf muscles.

6 skipping rope movement, especially with both feet and fast continuous jump effect is better.

The above exercises are very easy and easy. Don’t use specific conditions and equipment. You can choose some of them according to your specific conditions. Exercise can be effective.