Fruits in a timely manner: rejecting anti-season fruits

Fruits in a timely manner: rejecting anti-season fruits

Lead: Now some fruits can be seen in all seasons, people are also keen on these off-season fruits, and many anti-season fruits are ripened with some chemicals, fresh, not only the nutritional value is not high, will bring to the bodyharm.

Chinese medicine pays attention to keeping health in a timely manner, doing proper things in the proper season, eating appropriate foods, expert tips, and staying away from the anti-season fruit is very simple, that is, eating seasonally.

Seasonal fruit is not fresh and nutritious.

January: Kiwifruit kiwifruit has the reputation of “king of the fruit” and is a nourishing fruit for the elderly, children, and the sick and sick.

Kiwi should not be eaten with milk.

In addition, kiwifruit is cold, not suitable for eating, spleen and stomach deficient should be carefully eaten, diarrhea should not be eaten, threatened abortion, menorrhagia and frequent urination are not eaten.

February: Sugarcane sugarcane has high nutritional value, richest sugar content, and iron content is also the most abundant. It is the first of the fruits. Therefore, sugarcane has the reputation of “heavy blood”.

Need to be reminded that if you eat crimson sugar cane, it will be poisoned.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, stomach and abdomen cold pain should not be eaten.

March: Pineapple pineapple contains a substance called pineapple chymase, which breaks down proteins, dissolves fibrin and blood clots that break down into tissues, improves local blood circulation, eliminates elimination and edema; pineapple tastes sweet, withJianweixiaoshi, spleen and diarrhea, clearing the stomach and quenching thirst and other functions.

April: Mangosteen has a special substance, which has the effect of reducing dryness, cooling and relieving heat, and has a good nourishing effect on the body. It has a good nourishing effect on the body, malnutrition and post-illness.

May: Carotene contained in strawberry and strawberry is an important substance for the synthesis of vitamin A, which has the function of raising eyesight and nourishing the liver.

Strawberry also contains pectin and rich supplemental fiber to help digestion and smooth stool.

June: Cherry cherries contain more than 59 mg of iron, ranking first in fruits; vitamin A is 4 more than grapes, apples, and oranges?
5 times.

In addition, the cherry also contains B vitamins, vitamin C and mineral elements such as calcium and phosphorus.

July: Peach peach has the effect of replenishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and fluid, and can be used after major illness, qi and blood deficiency, facial yellow muscle thin, palpitations and shortness of breath.

Peach has a high iron content and is an ideal supplement for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

August: Watermelon and watermelon can clear away heat and relieve thirst.

The sugar and salt contained in watermelon can diuresis and eliminate diabetes. Protease can convert insoluble protein into soluble protein and increase the nutrition of patients with nephritis. Fresh watermelon juice and fresh melon skin increase skin elasticity and make people easier.Young, reduce wrinkles and add luster.

September: When the body has hypoglycemia, if you drink grape juice in time, it can quickly relieve the symptoms; the flavonoids contained in the grapes are a powerful antioxidant that can fight aging and kill free radicals in the body;Contains an anti-cancer trace element that prevents healthy cells from becoming cancerous and prevents spread.

October: Pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, relieve fatigue, enhance myocardial vitality and lower blood pressure. The glycoside and metabolic acid components contained in pears can relieve cough and have a protective effect on the throat.The pectin in the pear is high in content, can be digested, and is easy to poop.

November: The gum and trace element chromium in apple apples can keep blood sugar stable and effectively lower cholesterol. The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in apples can reduce the risk of diabetes and prevent lead.Poisoning; Apple’s unique scent can alleviate the bad mood caused by excessive stress, as well as refreshing effect; replacing crude fiber in apple can promote gastrointestinal motility and help the body to discharge waste smoothly.

December: The content of carotene (vitamin A) in oranges is second only to apricot, higher than other fruits.

Citrus also contains a variety of vitamins, which also contain magnesium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and silicon.