Ahua Health Living Environment and Health

Ahua Health Living Environment and Health

About half of the time in life is spent in a residential environment. If you create a comfortable and clean living environment from reality, it is of great significance to your health.

The orientation and location of the building: the windows face south, southeast and southwest, and the interior is best lit.

Comfortable and comfortable living should be sunny, air circulation, avoiding penetration and pollution, beautiful environment and quiet surroundings.

The house should be facing south.

In this way, the cold weather can be avoided in the winter, and the south wind can be cooled in the summer, which is compatible with the location of the northern hemisphere.

Sitting north to the south, you can avoid direct shooting in the hot summer sun, but in winter you can also collect light and heat, with the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer.

Good homes should have adequate sunshine, with three to four hours of sunshine per day being the best.

A good home should be built adjacent to the mountains and waters.

In the mountains, in the winter, the forest can reduce the wind speed, block the wind and avoid the cold.

In the summer, trees can reduce solar radiation, regulate hot weather, and absorb noise to keep the environment quiet.

It is enough to save water by the mountains and water, and the flow and evaporation of water helps to regulate the air and remove the turbidity.

The reason why the ancient temple and the sanatorium are more common in such an environment, the reason is here.

This kind of environment is refreshing and refreshing.

Therefore, it is beneficial to health.

In the construction of the living environment, it is necessary to choose a good geographical and ideal seat orientation, but also take into account the local climate characteristics, people’s customs, material and demographic conditions.

For centuries, the industrious Chinese nation has created a wide variety of buildings.

From imperial palaces to mountain village temples, stone houses, whether it is the courtyard of North China, the warm house of northeast, the cave of northern Shaanxi, the arch of Tulu, or the yurt on the grassland, the green water of the south of the river, the pedestrian corridor of South China, the southwestern borderMost of the bamboo buildings are in line with health principles.