Daoshengyi, one lifetwo, two births three, three births, moxibustion health, all disasters

Daoshengyi, one lifetwo, two births three, three births, moxibustion health, all disasters

Moxibustion therapy has been passed down for thousands of years, with countless effects and a very strong mass base.

We know why, but we must know why. Today we will explain to you the relationship between moxibustion and qi and blood, meridians and Yuanyang.

The essence of qi and blood is invisible, like the Tao in Laozi. The Tao is born in nothing, the Taosheng one, the second life, the second life, the third life.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says that “people are born with the temperament of heaven and earth”. The gas comes from innate and acquired. It is vitality and righteousness, and is the driving force of life activities.

Internal irrigation, external care.

Gas has a promoting effect, gasification, warming action, defense effect, solid fixation, and nutrition.

Blood is composed of the water valley produced by the spleen and stomach transport and the camp gas in the veins. It is rich in nutrients and moisturizing substances. It is one of the basic substances that constitute the human body and maintain life activities.

The blood is in the veins, the blood is metamorphosed, the internal organs are connected, the external muscles are connected, and the five internal organs work together to complete the blood operation.

The role of blood is the foundation of nutrition and moisture, the foundation of feeling and movement, and the material basis of the mind.

The important relationship between moxibustion and qi and blood An important role of moxibustion is to promote qi and activating blood.

Moxibustion can make the local and even the whole body feel warm and comfortable. The stimulation of moxibustion can make the air machine smooth, the harmony of the camp, the introduction of the function of qi and blood circulation, the operation of blood and blood, the condensation of the cold, the temperature is scattered, so everythingQi and blood stagnation, meridian palsy, can use moxibustion to warm the meridians, dispelling cold and removing phlegm.

“God Moxibustion” records: Take the fragrant incense of Ai, can pass the twelve classics, into the three yin, qi and blood, to cure all diseases, the effect is like the opposite.

The essence of the meridian is one of the unique structures and components of the human body. It is the channel through which the human body operates. It is a unique system that communicates inside and outside, up and down. It is a viscera, external to the limbs, everywhere, everywhere.The whole body connects the organs and organs of the human body into an organic whole.

The umbilicus is the general pivot of the meridian, and the qi of the sea.

The meridians can pass the blood and raise the whole body; resist the evil spirits, defend the body; balance the yin and yang, regulate the function; transform the induction and respond to the disease.

The important relationship between moxibustion and meridians Moxibustion can warm the meridians and treat diseases with moxibustion. The main reason is to use moxibustion to open the meridians of the human body and use yang to moisten the weak organs.

The potential of qi and blood is right, and righteousness can fight evil.

And through meridians, yang can almost cure the disease, and found that they can find diseases by using them, even some small diseases can be found.

Moxibustion and sweating, through the meridian merger can give the disease a disease to export, to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Moxibustion can walk along the meridian points.

The medicine is not enough, the needle is not enough, it must be moxibustion, so the meridian acupoint therapy of moxibustion is effective.

The essence of Yuanyang is that the Chinese medicine is the root of human yang.

The driving force behind the life movement, transcends Deji.

In the human body, Yuanyang is equivalent to a reservoir. The meridian is equivalent to a canal. The silt in the canal is equivalent to the wind, cold, dampness and heat in the meridian. If the Yuanyang foot meridian is passed through, there is no disease; if Yuanyang wastes more (insufficient) wind and cold in the meridianThe channel with less poisonous delivery energy will be like a pass-through, and people are in a sub-health state; if the wind, cold, damp-heat and poison in the meridian make the meridian system unbalanced, the body system is unbalanced, and the formation of garbage in the body is a disease, and a serious tumor becomes a tumor.

The important relationship between moxibustion and Yuanyang Li Shizhen, a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, once recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Ai Yesheng is slightly bitter and too bitter, while cooked is too bitter and bitter, hot and mature, pure Yang also.

You can take the sun to the real fire, you can go back to the sun.

“The Therapy of God’s Therapy” said: The moxibustion of the husband is taken from the fire, and the fire is hot and fast, and the body is soft and soft, and it can eliminate the haze, go without being kept, and get into the dirty.

Take the fragrant fragrant scent of Ai, can pass the twelve classics, into the three yin, qi and blood, to cure all diseases, the effect is like a palm.

The Chinese medicine “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” believes that all diseases are caused by imbalances in the body system.

The cause of the imbalance is that the instruction information of the meridian and the balance is blocked or inserted.

The main reason for the obstruction is the intrusion of wind, cold and damp heat into the meridian system.

The purely positive component of Aiyan during moxibustion enters the meridian by infiltrating the acupuncture points of the skin, excreting the cold and damp heat, replenishing Yuanyang, achieving the best state of health in the “Pingyi period”, and the immune function and strong resilience of the person.Naturally manifested, all diseases are self-healing.

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong does not use; Sanli moxibustion is endless, all disasters are destroyed; when it is hot, it is cold, when it is cold, it is fire; when it is treated with moxibustion, it is not a small supplement; the moxibustion is good, the good is life;At the same time, balance and maintain health;