Take a look at this!

Take a look at this!


Holding the hand, Fang Zhizi ugly, burst into tears, and the child does not leave me.


Journey to the West tells us that all monsters with backgrounds have been picked up, and all those who are not in the background have been killed by a stick.


What make you feel unhappy?

Say it out and make everyone happy.


I like you so much, you like me, I will die.


I am not a renminbi, how can everyone make me like me?


It is impossible to extricate, except for teeth and love.


When life makes everything black and humorous, I push the boat into a highly educated hooligan.


The time is too thin and the fingers are too wide.


The little girls dreamed of finding a white horse. They opened their eyes and found that the world is full of sorrows. After grief, they can only pick a strong body from the scorpion group.For: economically applicable to men.


I am going to cry, I am going to make trouble, do not sleep for one night, try to take a bottle of sleeping pills, take a small rope to hang.

Be ugly and fall in love, pay attention to the world full of love.


Our goal: to look at the money, to earn money.


I am the passerby who you forgot to turn around. Why do you accompany you to the end of the world?


If you don’t have medical insurance and life insurance, don’t see your bravery after dark.14.

The crowded bus is a comprehensive sport that combines sports and fitness programs such as Sanda, Yoga, Judo and Balance Beam.


When the old lady opens her eyes, she knows that you are a enchanting one.


Hands in the pocket, no one loves.


Holding a chopper to cut the wire, all the way with a lightning bolt.

  18-year-old singles is not difficult. It is difficult to deal with those who do everything possible to let you end single.


What is happiness?

Happiness is when you eat fish, I eat meat, and look at other people’s bones.


After reading a book for more than ten years, I think it is better to mix in kindergarten!

  twenty one

I was also a seed of infatuation, and it was raining. I was piled up dead.
  twenty two

Many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, but the love that can be settled into the earth is better than the street of the corpse.

  twenty three.

Free time to learn to Feng Shui, a good tomb after death can also make up for the regret of not being able to afford a good house.

  twenty four

It is said that people have only two choices, busy or busy, I think I have a third choice: busy waiting to die.

  25 years old

Spring sleepy summer is lacking in autumn, and winter is just sleeping.


Missing can’t be self-sufficient, pain can’t take care of itself, and the result can’t be taken care of.


When I was young, I thought that when I grew up, I could save the whole world. When I grew up, I realized that the whole world could not save me.


If you are destined to not give me the expected response.

Then stay outside the safe distance.


Please don’t take my tolerance for you as your shameless capital.

  30 years old

A woman’s talent is a virtue, and I must be too wicked.


Zhuge Liang did not bring any soldiers before the mountain. You have to have my work experience.


Live the life of the erhu with the spirit of hip-hop blues.


The happiness of an ostrich is just a pile of sand.


God, too blue!

The sea is too salty!

Life is too difficult!

Work, too annoying!

With you, have a fate!

Miss you, insomnia!
See you, too far!

  35 years old

When I woke up, the sky was dark.


Drinking the medicine bottle, hanging it to the rope, jumping off the building and waving the small handcuffs to see off.


The shovel can be ground into a needle, but the raft can only be ground into a toothpick. The material is wrong, and it is useless to work hard.


You have to figure out the script of your life – not a sequel to your parents, not a prequel to your children, or an outside story of your friends.


The tree is quieter and the wind is more and more, I am more in love and he is not.


I want to wake up one day and open my eyes and find myself sitting in the desks and chairs of the elementary school classroom.

The chalk head thrown by the teacher just hit the forehead.

Juveniles are not arrogant, bold and arrogant, ask where the alternatives in old age were.


As a monster, my wish is to destroy at least one Altman.


In the next few decades, we will come to the crematorium and burn all the ash. You pile up a bunch of me. Who knows who is all in the countryside to make fertilizer?

The beauty of learning lies in making people confused; the beauty of poetry lies in inciting the derailment of men and women; the beauty of women lies in stupidity without resentment; the beauty of men lies in the fact that lies are white.


I thought that I was very decadent. Today I realized that I was scrapped early.


The symbol of the immature man is that for the ideal heroic sacrifice, the mature man’s logo can live for the ideal despicable.


Life is like Song Zude’s mouth, you never know who the next unlucky one will be.


The sun is warm, the years are quiet, you still can’t come, how can I dare to go old?


People are not smart, but they also learn to be bald.


I am shining in this beautiful moment with the gesture of God.

No mortal.

When we were young, we often made faces in the mirror; when we were old, the mirror was even.


keep it up!

For your Audi my Dior.

I am a white-collar worker: I received a salary today, paid rent water and electricity, bought oil rice noodles, touched my pocket, and sighed, this month’s salary is white-collar workers.54.

Hold the hand and drag the child away.

I can’t say it, okay, close the door and put the dog!


this is life.

Always occupying the position of absolute leadership, when countless fools shouted that they controlled their lives and mastered their destiny.

I did not see it, living on a higher sky.

A ridiculous mocking face.


He is a basin of water, poured into your rice heap. After a few years, the water becomes a mellow wine, and you become a pile of discarded rotten rice, not useless, you can also feed the pig.

People who do not want to be slaves are willing to be slaves to the renminbi.


I am not a fortune on the flyover, I can’t tell you so much that you love to hear.

Life two words for two decades has been reminiscent of my brain convulsions, spinal fractures.

There is always no way to go.


Really a warrior, dare to face his unpainted face.


Tianshan nursery rhymes – appearance is too, there are three hundred and sixty-five fifteen cracks in the heart, each crack on the book spring, summer, autumn and winter four words, vicissitudes to demon.


This is often the case, and it is too late to look back. Even if you are willing to be a bad horse, you may not have to wait for you.


Once we thought we could die for love. In fact, love can’t die. It only puts a needle in the most painful place. Then we want to cry without tears. We put the turning side. We have become a doctor for a long time. Wetempered into a steel.

You are not a wind, I am not a sand, and I can’t get to the end of the world, I have to dry my tears. Tomorrow morning, we have to go to work.


I used to look up at the stars with my friends, and then we burst into tears. He was because of a love affair, but I sprained my neck.


In fact, you and I are all the same, everyone is loading, the key is to install like, rounded up, there is a door cloud, pretending to go in, become a legendary temperament, not installed, it is stuckThere is it.
It is Carmen.