The cause of thyroiditis is how to treat certain thyroiditis

The cause of thyroiditis is how to treat certain thyroiditis

What is the cause of the thyroid?

The thyroid gland, a common disease and frequently-occurring disease in life, has caused great harm to many people. Let’s take a look at the causes of the thyroid gland.

How to treat it once you change thyroiditis?

Causes of thyroiditis 1. Genetic factors Thyroiditis is a type of thyroid disease. Like most thyroid diseases, it is a certain hereditary. According to relevant surveys, about 5 to 10 percent probability will be inherited.Give the starting point.

2, radioactive damage in life there will be a variety of interference elements affecting people’s health, some very common X-rays, etc., people’s long-term exposure to this kind of radiation will have an impact on health, health problems.

3, in the life of infection, there will be various viruses and bacteria that threaten people’s health. Generally, they should pay more attention to complications of respiratory diseases, because this will also cause thyroiditis, so don’t care about it in your normal life.Health is no small matter.

4, the cause of viral thyroiditis is also closely related to some viruses, there are viruses everywhere in our usual life, if you do not pay attention to it will cause thyroiditis, so for some details in lifeBe careful to exercise more and pay attention to personal hygiene.

How is thyroiditis treated?

1, drug treatment drugs for thyroiditis is a slow process, usually a complete course of treatment for about two years, during the treatment, when the thyroid function has not returned to normal, the patient needs to test thyroid function once a month,Make sure the condition is controlled and moving in the right direction, and after the thyroid function returns to normal, it still needs to be checked every three months.

However, the biggest disadvantage of drug treatment of thyroiditis is that the condition is very likely to repeat after stopping the drug.

2, surgical treatment of surgical methods will have a confrontational hazard, and there is not enough safety, because the probability of success in surgical treatment is not 100%, and after treatment is likely to have sequelae, and throat damage, leaving scarsIt may also lead to the onset of life-long hypothyroidism.

This will be a regret for the patient’s life, it is criticized by the medical community.

Regarding the choice of treatment for thyroiditis, patients can choose the most appropriate treatment according to the doctor’s advice.

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