How to increase fat

How to increase fat

Today, weight loss has become a hot topic.

Obese people need to lose weight, but weight loss should also attract our attention.

If your weight is lower than the standard weight 〖Standard weight = (height cm-100) × 0.

9% of 10% can be judged as wasting.

The harm that weight loss brings us can not be ignored. So, what causes people to lose weight?

  From a pathological point of view, digestive diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis, kidney disease and many other diseases can cause body weight loss; long illness and physical weakness, malnutrition can also cause weight loss.

If the body is thin, the disease should be treated in time. After the disease is cured, the body weight will naturally return to normal.

For a long time, physical deficiency, malnutrition, should strengthen nutrition, eat more protein, vitamin food, appropriate physical exercise, so that weight returns to normal.

  Some people who are physically thin have not found any disease at the hospital, and they can work normally on weekdays. The body has basically no discomfort.

These people may be related to physical and genetic factors, such as the weight loss of the parents, the majority of the children are thin; the bones are thick, the obese are many, the bones, the thinners are mostly.

  There are still some thinners, although no obvious diseases have been found, but often there are fatigue, dizziness, eating is not fragrant, sleep is not good and other symptoms.

In addition to their physical and genetic factors, some of them are also stressed because of work stress, their bodies are often in a state of fatigue, and even sleep, poor diet, and gradually losing weight.

For those who have no obvious disease and are thin, it is recommended to take ginseng.

Long-term use of ginseng is expected to change the body weight, because ginseng is a nourishing drug, can enhance the function of insulin, strengthen metabolism, immune function, enhance physical fitness, and make people fat.

The ginseng medicinal properties are divided into cold and hot, and people with different constitutions should take ginseng differently.

People with debilitating physique can take red ginseng, and people with yin deficiency and internal heat can choose American ginseng and raw ginseng.

Oral 2 to 3 grams per day, taken before going to bed or in the morning on an empty stomach, usually for 3 to 6 months.

At the same time, the food nutrition is strengthened so that the conversion of the implanted food is more than the conversion of the consumption, and when the surplus occurs, the weight will gradually increase.

  For the thin person, fattening is necessary.

Fertility is not just a proper increase of the body’s subcutaneous fistula, mainly to make muscles and body sturd stronger.

That is to completely correct the “skinny” and to correct the “weakness”, then, how should the thin person properly gain fat?