Smile, dew, affection, temperament, smile, sweetness, star correction

Smile, dew, affection, temperament, smile, sweetness, star correction

Analysis of the temperament data of the smiley dew shows that the color of the teeth is very important in the perfect smile. When people observe the smile, they first notice the color of the teeth.

The color of the teeth is preferably the same as the color of the white eyeball.

If the teeth are yellowish and gray, it will give people the impression that they are untidy and even unhealthy. If the teeth are whiter than the white of the eyes, they will replace the eyes and become the focus of people’s attention.

How to avoid a clumsy and stupid smile?

– Try to show your gums as little as possible.

If it is not exposed, it should be within 2 mm, and the color of the gums is very important, preferably a healthy pale pink.

The size of the teeth is also important for a perfect smile. The size of the teeth should be arranged from the middle to the sides.

Xiao Yan, affecting the quality of the air in the aesthetic standards of the medical aesthetics, the excessive exposure of the upper jaw before the smile on the side of the upper lip is greater than 2 mm, even if it is a smile.

When laughing, the upper lip has no way to wrap the upper gums, causing the teeth to create an illusion of flying out, that is, a pussy smile.

Like Joey Yung in the variety show “I am a singer”, Liu Yifei also has the problem of laughing at the blood sugar.

There are two reasons why a grin can be caused: either a muscle cause or a cause of tooth bone formation.

Muscle causes if the mouth is a beauty, a smile will reveal the gums, and the law is deeper, which is the cause of the muscles.

This is the reason why Joey Yung’s sister and the fairy sister are.

In this case, as long as you go to the hospital to find a reliable doctor to inject botulinum toxin, it is better to relax the strength of the lip muscles. It is the same as the botulinum toxin in other muscles.
6 months, after the effect is not obvious, you need to make up.
However, the measurement of botulinum toxin injection to solve the blood sugar laugh is very subtle. If it is too much, it will cause the smile to be stiff and unnatural. If it is less, it will not play any role, so be sure to find a professional and responsible doctor.

If you don’t smile, your lips need to be forced to close. When you relax, your mouth will not reveal a seam. When you laugh, your teeth will have a feeling of flying out. This is usually the upper jaw, the mandibular protrusion or the front of the tooth.If it is caused by a sudden, it is necessary to do a skull orthodontic surgery when it is serious. When the condition is light, it is better to perform orthodontics (correction).

Learning star teeth cosmetic, temperament and face value UP Quan Zhixian is a natural beauty, but the teeth look awkward during puberty, after correction, it shows a perfect state.

Gui Lun Mei was familiar with the small fresh beauty in the movie “The Secrets That Can’t Be Say”, but when he opened his mouth, he was ruined on the twisted teeth, and then through adjustment, he smiled a lot.

Victoria’s pursuit of his appearance is extremely distorted, but when young people laugh, it is easy to reveal the part of the gums, so she adjusted the early teeth, which are inherently imperfect teeth.