Who traps children in the central of the Internet Experts talk about quitting Internet addiction

Who traps children in the “central of the Internet” Experts talk about quitting “Internet addiction”

“The whole society is taking action to save children who are addicted to the Internet so that they have a bright future.
When saying this, Tao Hongkai, a 60-year-old quit youth addiction expert, had tears in his eyes and pain in his heart.
  On December 13, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview with Professor Tao Hongkai.
  According to normal imagination, Professor Tao Hongkai, who is 60 years old and has so many successful experiences in helping children quit Internet addiction, should be a peaceful person.
But on the phone, his frankness and aggressiveness surprised us.
  The main mistake is not the child “I’m so angry!
Professor Tao repeated these words many times.
He felt that the child was innocent, and the fault was not mainly the child.
The education problems of the home school society, the game developers and the operators of the Internet cafes are for the benefit of the plotting, management and law enforcement departments. They are wrong in all aspects.
He is angry.
  Reporter: Some parents believe that not all parents pay attention to education methods and methods. The same reason comes from the parents’ words. Children may be “rebellious” and do not like to listen.
  Professor Tao: What is inverse?
This statement makes no sense.
I reasoned with the children, why didn’t they rebel?
Still did not explain the truth to the child.
  Reporter: Do you think it is necessary to consider psychological intervention for children with severe Internet addiction?
  Professor Tao: NO.
In fact, many parents have tried psychiatrists’ interventions, sought out famous doctors, and done a lot. What about the actual situation?
Has the problem been solved?
Shouldn’t children play or play?
In particular, many people cheat money under this name.
  The root cause is education. Professor Tao Tao believes that the main reason for the formation of Internet addiction among minors is in the end education problems.
There are educational problems in schools, parents, and society.
  The following is a conversation between Professor Tao and a mother of a child who is addicted to the Internet: Professor Tao Tao: You (referring to the parent of the child) need to understand the mentality of the child, which means that you always shape the child according to your own ideas. This is wrong.
Many children are thus misled by their parents and fail.
So why do I lecture everywhere now?
I hope that first of all my main object is you, because the child is born innocent, a blank piece of paper, then you parents, have you realized that you have made mistakes yourself?
  Zhou Wenkai (parents of children with Internet addiction): I also feel that there is.
  Professor Tao: What went wrong?
  Zhou Wenkai: I feel like I’m too spoiled.
  Professor Tao: Oh, spoiled.
I think that education should be developed naturally from a young age. For a child, let him develop with his own interests, right?
There is no need for you to force him to do something, that is wrong.
  Online games make tears Reporter: What do you think of online games?
  Professor Tao: They irresponsibly sacrificed the happiness of many families and children.
Some popular online game developers have made a fortune by doing such a business.
Several of them were laughing there, millions of money flowed into their pockets, their wealth was rolling, and the tears of millions of mothers were streaming.
What kind of business is this?What money do they make?

How Much Tears They Make!

They also need to develop more game software to attract more children to play games, and find out . Is it necessary to attract all children?

Their responsibility is great!

  Reporter: The law prohibiting Internet cafes from accepting minors has been in place for two years, but some cities still have many children sitting in Internet cafes.

What do you think?

  Professor Tao: Weak law enforcement and poor management.

It’s not that Internet cafes are difficult to manage, nor is it impossible to manage, it is not managed well, not managed well.

Operators of Internet cafes are driven by interests and do not implement regulations. Management and law enforcement are also driven by interests.

  Reporter: Your method is very good, but one’s strength is limited after all.

  Professor Tao: Many people have asked me to rescue their children, and asked me to quit their children from Internet addiction.

With so many people looking for me, I can’t go one by one.

I’m a 60-year-old person, so I walk around, but how much can I do?

what should I do?

There are so many children addicted to online games .