[Can I eat bayberry with durian?

】 _Shengshengmei_ can you eat

[Can I eat bayberry with durian?
】 _Shengshengmei_ can you eat

Some people will hate durian as a fruit, but some people will especially like it. In any case, durian is a very famous tropical fruit. Its nutritional value is very high, it is rich in protein, vitamins, lipids and richTrace elements, the benefits of eating durian are very many, some can alleviate dysmenorrhea, then can I eat bayberry after eating durian?

Can I eat bayberry with durian?
Bayberry and durian can eat together.

Bayberry carbohydrates, mineral elements, vitamins and a certain amount of protein, traces, pectin and 8 kinds of amino acids that are good for the human body. Durian is rich in sugar, protein, traces, carbohydrates, rich in vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin BBoth are high in vitamin C and 7 essential amino acids in the human body, among which glutamic acid is particularly high.

From the nutritional point of view, it is not a gram, it can be eaten together, but because it is a hot fruit, eating too much can easily lead to anger.

Effects of eating bayberry and durian1. Sexual taste affects the temperature and temperature of bayberry. Although the consumption of bayberry alone does not cause any discomfort, durian is hot and it is easy to get angry. Therefore, eating bayberry and durian is easy to appear.When she gets angry, she will have symptoms of dry mouth and dry throat.

2. Bayberry and durian with high content of impurities are fruits with high glucose content. After eating, it will cause the moisturizing of the spleen and stomach to increase, and it is easy to produce phlegm and wetness, and severely get angry.

3. Fatty Myrica rubra and durian are rich in residues. After consumption, it will increase the accumulation and increase the synthesis of glycogen and auntie. Therefore, long-term consumption will make you fat, and single consumption will affect blood sugar.

Precautions for eating bayberry: 1. Bayberry is warm. Normal people can consume 8 to 12 capsules a day, and people with special constitutions can consume 2 to 4 capsules. Too much consumption is prone to adverse conditions.

2. Myrica rubra is found in the bayberry. Usually soaked in fresh saline for about 10 minutes, the bayberry can be driven out. After soaking, it is better to wash it with water. If there is rice water, you can also use rice water.

3, Myrica rubra can’t be digested, a small amount of food is not a big problem, but it is easy to have discomfort such as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, constipation, intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc., so it is not recommended to eat.

4. When eating bayberry, it is not recommended to eat it with other warm foods, it will increase the hot air in the body, and it is easy to get angry. Common dog meat, lamb, leek, leek, spicy spices, etc. are common.

5. Fermented sugar content in bayberry is high, which will remain in the mouth after consumption, leading to bacterial growth; a large amount of organic acids will damage the tooth enamel, so you need to rinse your mouth after consumption to avoid affecting oral health.